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About 3D

The 3D Brand is a culmination of 20 years worth of personal experience developing result driven devices for the Beauty / Aesthetic industry.
I am a great believer in thinking out of the box and the 3D Brand is a culmination of that belief and experience. It is important when developing technology that it not only performs but it stands out from the crowd which not only provides our organization with an edge but also our customers in a competitive marketplace. It is also critical that the price of any device is such that our customers make money from day 1! In addition to the technological advantages you will get maximum benefit from an organization if they nationally promote their Brand and USP’s in order to drive traffic through your door. This we do with the best in the industry CAN Pr which has resulted in enormous interest for our treatments.  No other company offers you more than 3D!

After several years working with Laser Lipolysis devices and understanding the frustrations and limitations of such machines, especially the exercise post treatment, I stumbled across new technologies that offered a ray of light.
The thought process from this point was to create a device that was fundamentally different. As we have been preaching over the years with the anti-aging market it is important to try and be different as a clinic in order to stand alone in a competitive environment. It has always been my belief that clinics should be more bespoke, prescriptive when selling treatments to their clients.

Every clients needs are different and there is no one fix for all. Many clinics now follow this approach and combine different technologies to match their client’s indications and their clients keep coming back for more.
Body machines have nearly always followed a single level of treatment focusing on muscle, cellulite, fat or skin tightening.
I set out to create a machine that offered technology to permanently remove fat in a more effective way to laser lypolysis but also treat cellulite and offer skin tightening. My next goal was to ensure that the specification for each of these technologies matched or surpassed the best of what was currently available individually. Finally I wanted the price for our multi platform system to be better than any of the single technology devices.
The result of this was 3D-Lipo, a three dimensional alternative to liposuction with technologies targeting fat removal, cellulite reduction and skin tightening for face and body.
The fact that we have sold over 100 systems this year tells me that we have a winning formula with 3D-Lipo. Great results, a bespoke/prescriptive approach to the client’s needs, choice and a competitive price backed by affordable finance have helped establish us a force to be reckoned with. In our first year 3D-lipo was nominated as finalist in the Medical Aesthetic Awards as brand of the year 2012-13 and ended up coming third. Finally this year has seen us open up across the world and we now have distribution in Australia, Ireland, Sweden, Egypt, Dubai, Russia, Cyprus and Spain. There is also an exciting new development with this brand to be announced January so Watch this 3D-Space!!

New Launch 3D-skintech

We are excited to announce the 2013 launch of our new facial device 3D-skintech. As with the 3D-Lipo is has been developed to meet a demand in the current market place.  The same philosophy was applied to the development of this system as for the 3D-lipo.

An effective anti-ageing treatment relies on the treatment of several indications to be truly effective. Some existing devices offer a combination of technologies but in all cases lack the stand alone quality in all of their add on services. A classic example of this is the add on of LED. A few LED lights on the end of a handset does not make for an effective treatment and is pointless.

3D-skin tech stands for the best stand alone quality of each technology, which individually would qualify for an upgrade to most stand alone systems, in an affordable combination system. Combined with this we have developed protocols for using the machine with a clinical skincare line and peels which will offer a complete approach for the treatment of pigmentation, acne and anti ageing.

Quite simply it’s all you will ever need!

I look forward to meeting you at one of the many events across the country this year and having the opportunity of demonstrating the merits of both of our advanced devices and how they could benefit your business

Kind Regards

Roydon Cowley
Managing Director